Long Beach

These drawings were sketched on location in August and September 2021. I’ve been roaming the West Coast for years now, sketching beaches and historic landmarks. I love the different sounds of the waves, the birds, and the ever-changing landscape of tides and wind. Although I’m based in Portland, I drive to Astoria every Sunday to sell my Illustrated Playing Cards at the market. I’ve met many people from Washington who encouraged me to make drawings of the Peninsula. During my sketching adventures, I camped at Steve’s Place, situated dramatically on the edge of Baker’s Bay, looking out across the great Columbia River. My friend Albert joined me for a day’s expedition beginning at Cape Disappointment’s multitude of landmarks. At the top of the peninsula at Leadbetter State Park, we were almost devoured by swarms of mosquitoes but I emerged victorious with the precious gold of my artwork. We enjoyed a nice meal at Pickled Fish for the best view in town, and many coffees and pastries from Cottage Bakery. I also found the mysteriously vacant Oysterville to be an interesting history lesson. Walking in the footsteps of Captain William Clark, I tried to imagine visiting Long Beach before cars and condos populated the scene. Wandering around the ports at Ilwaco and Chinook, I enjoyed seeing the action of boats; the fishermen coming and going. After doing all the sketches on site, I returned to my studio in Portland to finish with watercolor pencils, watercolors and fine tip pen. I went to Long beach to sketch and make these drawings, in the hopes that my nets cast out will catch hold of your imagination, nostalgia, or curiosity, and celebrate this interesting part of the world. 


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