UKRAINE - 3rd Printing will Ship end of December


"Ukraine" -A Deck of Cards as a Symbol of Hope and Solidarity

Portland, Oregon - In light of the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Illustrated Playing Cards presents "Ukraine" a unique deck of cards aimed at raising awareness and supporting the people and cultural heritage of Ukraine.

The brainchild of accomplished artist Aaron Trotter, it’s more than just a deck of playing cards. It is a response to the tragic events in Ukraine.

"I can't stand by and do nothing. My cards are going to war," says Trotter, an artist with a personal connection to that part of the world. His great-grandfather escaped tsarist Russia in the 1880s, only to suffer the loss of two brothers during the Holocaust. 1000 decks are being printed in Ukraine to be sent directly to soldiers on the frontlines; to raise their spirits and send them an amulet of protection into battle. 


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UNITE THE WORLD AROUND SUPPORTING UKRAINE; TO PROTECT, SAVE AND REBUILDThe platform allows one-click donations to Ukraine from anywhere. Why is this so important? Because Ukraine itself knows best what is needed and can deliver aid directly.

No one was ready for a full-scale war in the heart of Europe. Charitable foundations, no matter how well-organized, cannot meet the needs of a country as large as Ukraine. We can, however, do it together.

UNITED24 is designed for collaboration with charities, partners, donors, and public figures worldwide.

Our goal is to establish an efficient work process that brings Ukraine’s victory closer.