Meet the Artist

In October 2010 I launched a humble but successful Kickstarter campaign.

Since then I have traveled to many cities and drawn many places.

Aaron At A Portland Event

Originally, I started drawing Portland scenes to be made into greeting cards, postcards, calendars and coloring books. Eventually, I had sketched over 200 landmarks and neighborhood places and decided I needed a new way to showcase these illustrations. I thought of playing cards because they easily showcase 54 images (jokers too) and lend themselves to being tangible and accessible art, both in touch and price.


My drawings celebrate history and place in an old-fashioned spirit that is influenced by the Renaissance etchings of Albrecht Durer and Andreas Mantegna. William Morris, Howard Pyle, and the Arts and Crafts Movement, including the Pre-Raphaelites, have inspired my sense of design.


By drawing on-site, I become a participant of each location. An average sketch takes an hour and I usually pin down the initial sketch within a few tries. However, sometimes I abandon the location, defeated, maybe to return later.


Once I have the initial sketch, I return to my studio to embellish and crosshatch the details using my Great-Aunt Ethel’s 1910 ink pen.  When the images are ready I send them to my local printer in downtown Portland.  The cards are set with a suit and number border template that was originally drawn by hand. The cards are digitally printed and UV coated; they have rounded corners and are shrink wrapped in a customized die-cut box that opens like a book.


Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is really not about playing cards. It’s about Art. Even if you don’t play them, you can still hold them in your hands and shuffle the deck. They can be arranged, displayed or framed in different ways that honor your favorite places.


You can see more of my past work (abstract, comic book drawings, portraits, and live painting performance at :



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 My Art History

Born: August 1978


1996-2000: The Evergreen State College {B.A. in Art}Olympia,WA
1996: Graphic Cat Design School; Portland, OR
1996: Oregon School of Arts and Crafts {Photography}
1994: Pacific Northwest College of Art {Digital Imaging}
1993-1996: Arts and Communications High School, Portland, OR

2010 – Present

Illustrated Playing Cards: artist-owned and operated, full-time.

Related Experience

2013: City Designer of the Year Award, Portland, OR

2012: Exhibition of 52 drawings: Architectural Heritage Center, Portland, OR

2009: Art Installer/Security Specialist at Museum of Glass; Tacoma, WA

2009: Technical Illustrator /Archaeologist; Skagway, AK

2007: Art Mime Performance at Seattle Art Museum

2005: Art Instructor; Art 4 Life After School Program, Portland OR

2004: Mapmaking and Technical Illustration/Archaeology Field Technician; Oregon, Washington, Idaho

2002: Technical Illustrator/ Archaeology/Backcountry Survey; Skagway,AK

2001: Archaeological Survey; Bandelier, NM


2010 in Portland, Oregon

November: Cup and Saucer Café, Mashtun Pub,Onda Gallery,Cinema 21

October: Caffe D’Arte, Bare Bones Café, Slabtown Bar

September: Caffe D‘Arte

August: Downtown Library Store & Townshend’s Alberta Teahouse

July: Local Discoveries on Alberta Street

May : June: Enterbeing on Alberta Street


2010 in Tacoma, Washington

March: Swiss Pub, Metro Coffee, & Enoteca Wine Bar

January and February: Speakeasy Co-Op

January: Group show at Jazzbones with Artifakt

Portland Exhibitions


April: Enterbeing Community Center & The Fuel Cafe

March: Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center & MilePost 5

February: Studio 1627

New Year’s Eve: Beloved Presents Jai Ganesh; Portland

July: Urban Arts Festival; Tacoma


Pike Place Market; Seattle
November: Enterbeing Community Center; Father + Son
May: Village Building Convergence; Portland
October: Enterbeing Community Center & Jack Of All Trades Gallery
August: MetaPoiesis: EcoDesign and Visionary Art
May: Alberta Art Hop Festival & Village Building Convergence
April: The Peaceful Soul Yoga Studio
February: Pala Lounge & Group Art Show at Collage Art Supply
November: Father and Son at the Silverton Art Gallery
September: The CenterRing Community Center
August: Enterbeing Community Center & The Tin Shed Cafe
July: Concrete the Studio
June: Portland Coffee House & Alberta Public House
May: Tiny’s Cafe, Squeeze the Bar, & the Cricket Cafe
April: Tribe Theater & Ford’s Cafe
March: The Fuel Cafe
February: Concordia Coffee House & The Star E Rose Cafe
January: La Dolce Vita Cafe & Do! Hair Salon
December: The Cup and Saucer Cafe & Bella Faccia Pizzeria
October: The Environmental Art Symposium at Lewis & Clark College

Tacoma Exhibitions
May-December: RampART Co-Op Artist Gallery
June-August:Panamonica’s Gallery and Restaurant
June: Shakabrah Restaurant
May: The Rosewood Cafe
April: Caffe Vita (Olympia)
August: Embellish Salon and Gallery du Jour
July: The Swiss Pub
May: Shakabrah Restaurant

Live Art Performance

February Last Thursday
Street Performances All Over Portland
Alberta Street Fair; Portland OR
Urban Art Festival Fundraiser; Tacoma, WA
Hell’s Kitchen Club; Tacoma, WA
Seattle Art Museum
Pike Place Market; Seattle, WA
The Last Supper Club; Seattle, WA
First Night: New Year’s Eve; Tacoma, WA
Kulture Lab Event; Tacoma, WA
Enterbeing Community Center; Portland, OR
Alberta Art Hop; Portland, OR
MetaPoeisis Art and Music Festival; Portland, OR
SOAK!! Oregon Burning Man Regional Gathering
STRUT! with Kaosmosis at the Wonder; Portland, OR
Village Building Convergence with City Repair; Portland, OR
Alberta Art Hop!!; Portland, OR
Pala Lounge; Portland, OR
Fez Ballroom; Portland, OR
Corazon D’Amour with Kaosmosis at the Wonder; Portland
Many, Many Last Thursdays
Alberta Art Hop
Concrete the Studio and Gallery; Portland
Tribe Theater and Gallery; Portland
Fuel Cafe; Portland
(in Tacoma, Washington)
September: Proctor Arts Fest
August: RampART Co-Op Art Walk Night
July: Art On the Ave
November: Shakabrah Restaurant
October: Karpeles Manuscript Museum

2003: Big Show City at Capitol Theater; Olympia, WA
2002: Group Show; Skagway, AK
2001: Bandelier National Monument Visitor Center, NM
1999: Otto’s Bagels; Olympia, WA
1998: Butoh Dance Festival Reception Installation; Olympia, WA

1997: The Evergreen State College Library Gallery; Olympia, WA

1996: Father and Son at the Justice Center; Portland, OR


2010: Portland Art Museum Library Archives


2010: Washington State Historical Society, Children’s Museum of Tacoma
2003: A Tribute to Rachel Corrie; Last Word Books, Olympia, WA
1994: Self-Portrait in Chalk and Computer; PNCA, Portland, OR