This deck features drawings of the Swedish capital, including Gamla Stan, the Old City Hall, Palace, Museums, the Vasa, and much more. Sketched on location in the Spring, Kungstradgarden cherry trees in full bloom. Includes 4 King statues, and short historical descriptions of the locations and monuments.


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For one week I walked around Stockholm, drawing in my sketchbook. I had a guidebook with a map, and everyone I met was friendly. My cousins live near the city, and I had a wonderful visit with them in between doing all of my drawings. I have made all these sketches to be collected as a deck of playing cards, and to celebrate Stockholm’s rich history. It was my third visit, so I had some orientation. Returning once again, I enjoyed wandering the medieval streets of Skansen, the cherry blossom-filled Kungstradgarden, the winding roads of Gamla Stan, the incredible Vasa ship. I marveled at the statues, fountains, bridges, and museums. In cafes I warmed up with delicious coffees and wandered up and down Gotgatan looking in designer craft shops.

To make my drawings, I sketch on location to become a participant of the place, and make my composition on-site. Usually I can make a good sketch within 20 minutes, and then a few color notes and I start walking again to find a new location. Back at my studio in Portland, Oregon I finish the details, embellishing the colors and inking the final lines. The drawings are scanned and set up as cards on the computer. The suits and numbers are an original template that I drew by hand for my first deck of cards that was released in 2010. The cards are digitally printed, UV-coated, cut square and round-cornered by hand-operated machinery in small batches. The boxes are die-cut before I sign, number, and fold them.