New York City

This deck features 52 original drawings of landmarks and neighborhood places in Manhattan (and a few views from Brooklyn). Includes:Empire State Building, Washington Square, Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridge, Central Park, Brooklyn Promenade, Grand Central Station, and more. With index and artist statement.


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All drawings were originally sketched on location in Manhattan and Brooklyn without the aid of a photograph.  The drawings were completed with pen and ink in Portland, Oregon at Alberta Studios (1627 NE Alberta St.)  Times Square was colorized with a Bamboo drawing pad via laptop.  


For one week in June I explored New York City, with the purpose of sketching 52 landmarks and typical Manhattan scenes.   Since the first release of my Illustrated Playing Cards of Portland in November 2010, people have requested and demanded that I sketch many cities.  Above all the famous city of New York has eluded my World Series of city decks, until now.  My process involved walking around looking hard at everything, trying to find good vantage points, at comfortable angles.  As an artist who sketches en plein air as a painter of older times, my creative activity is sometimes challenged by atmospheric conditions like heavy rain and random tour group mobs.  Overall I found New Yorkers to be warmly welcoming, receptive, and encouraging of my worldly card enterprise.  It is my hope of all hopes that the drawings on these cards evoke a sentiment of a great city that is in many ways The City of our times.  This pack of cards is not just a deck of cards; it can be played or displayed.  It is a gift to the people of New York, a souvenir for visitors, a token of a special place.