I haven't drawn all the cities of the world, but that's my plan. If I'm missing your city, I can visit for one week and sketch all your favorite landmarks. Need a gift for a Wedding, Company Party, or Family Reunion? I can make a variety of decks for you.


The simple one is to use the image of your choice as the Joker, Back of cards, or an extra insert card in a pack of cards for the city of your choice that I've already created.


A more unique custom deck would be to make 52 original drawings on location. I've made many custom decks (for Visit Bend, Oregon State University, Mississippi Avenue Business District and Alberta Main Street). To  make enough drawings, I require a List of 52 places and 7 days lodging in the City, Town, or Campus of your choice. I'll take care of the travel costs. I average 10 to 12 sketches a day; walking around composing onsite without a photograph. Later I will embellish the details, scan the drawings and send to my printer to set up as cards. The boxes are digitally printed and die-cut before I sign, number, and fold them. Then the boxes are filled with cards and the decks are shrinkwrapped. 


Minimum order for a Custom Deck is 100 decks at $10. From 250 or more, the price is $8 each.

For 52 original drawings, I charge an Artist Fee of $2000. After I've finished scanning the drawings you are welcome to keep them for display or sale as you wish.

Contact me for additional information. Thanks for your interest !

                                                                                                               aaron@illustratedplayingcards.com or 503-490-5630