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My name is Aaron Trotter and I am the creator and artist of Illustrated Playing Cards – products that celebrate wonderful cities. Currently IPC produces art-centric playing cards (I like to call them a Gallery in a Box), greeting cards, and postcards. My products are locally produced and have handmade elements. 


My bestselling card decks showcase 52 landmarks and neighborhood places for each city drawn. Pen and Ink drawings are sketched on location and embellished without the aid of a photograph. Back at my studio, I crosshatch the details using my Great-Aunt Ethel’s 1910 ink pen. My illustrative style is influenced by graphic novels and the Renaissance etchings of Durer and Blue Period Picasso.


The decks are printed in Portland on UV coated card stock, have rounded corners and are shrink-wrapped in a custom box. Suits, numbers and an original hand-drawn border template are made by me. In addition, each box is signed, numbered and includes both an index of the locations featured and an artist’s statement.


I love that I’m able to share my art in a uniquely interactive way. Even if you don’t play cards, you can still hold them in your hands and shuffle the deck. They can be arranged, displayed or framed to showcase your favorite places. Not only will you love the deck that features your city, but perhaps you have a love affair with Paris or a friend in Portland who would appreciate a unique gift.